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S.C. Natural Research S.R.L and later, the BioBoron Research Institute were founded to carry out the fundamental and applied research that was materialized in the research projects and papers of the Biochemistry Laboratory scientists from the University of Craiova, Romania. The research was based on the doctoral thesis regarding the essentiality of the boron chemical compound on the appearance and evolution of life on primitive Earth.

The aim and vision of S.C. Natural Research S.R.L and the BioBoron Research Institute is to foster high quality, innovative and multidisciplinary research in biochemistry for establishing the boron essential roles in human and animal physiology.

Based on natural boron compounds applications, our company studies have focused on obtaining and identifying boron compounds. They have been used in human, animal and plant nutrition (nutraceuticals, nutritious supplements for humans, animals and plants) and in medicine (osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, 10B carrier agents used in 10B-neutron capture therapy, chemoprevention of some cancer types: cervical, lung, prostate and breast).

The patent for the Calcium Fructoborate obtained by the Natural Research Company: Process for obtaining calcium fructo-boron complex nutrition for animals and plants (June 29 2007, Romanian Patent RO 09 3COI 74DO) is the basis for the published scientific papers.

The POS-CCE Project will improve the entire research activity of BioBoron Research Institute. With this project, we have the possibility of improving modern GMP pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, advanced equipments and testing instruments to produce tablets, capsules and active pharmaceutical ingredients.


Our boron-based products are manufactured at our own site, to ensure impeccable effectivity and safety.


The institute is designed to provide key scientific resources to advance development and manufacturing capacity.


Discover the current research projects that BioBoron and its partners are involved in and learn about studies from past years.

What we are good at?

We are a research institute focusing on the study of the element boron from the point of view of its biology and biochemistry.

We investigate the essentiality of natural boron-containing compounds for a healthy life and longevity.

Our research work results in prestigious papers and final products intended for human use – nutraceuticals or boron-based dietary supplements.

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Meet the research team

We are a multidisciplinary dedicated research team that works in collaboration with academic institutions and industry partners to provide the most accurate data ever produced on natural boron related compounds.

Andrei Bita

Andrei Biță

Main researcher
Ion Romulus Scorei

Ion Romulus Scorei

Main researcher
George Dan Mogosanu

George Dan Mogoşanu

Main researcher
Johny Neamtu

Johny Neamţu

Main researcher

About Us

The institute is designed to provide key scientific resources to advance development and manufacturing capacity in the field of human biotechnology, by providing a network for researchers involved with different aspects or fields. The institute will act as a central hub that coordinates research activities across several areas related either directly (development), indirectly through collaborations between scientists from various disciplines, or collectively via multiple channels.

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